Here’s a selection of restaurants that you should consider. Some of the finest and some of the most accessible in Ibiza. We’ve developed a price range so you get a better idea of what to expect but bare in mind that it’s just a rough guideline and your bill could add up to more or less depending on your use (obviously!)… And also take into consideration prices are at Ibiza standards which are quite high!

  • Price per person: High – Above 50€
  • Average: 25-30€
  • Low: Less than 25€
ATZARO IBIZA  |   Price – High
Atzaró is a country hotel, it’s actually a century old finca that has been transformed into a luxury Hotel-Spa with beautifully decorated open spaces with fountains, palm trees and chill-out corners. The restaurant serves tasty, sophisticated Mediterranean-Asian cuisine. You can expect a small menu of daily made fresh gourmet food that won’t deceive your palate, but won’t be cheap either. If available, (they will only serve it when fresh) the Tuna Tataki is delicious.
Another great option is to go before/after dinner to relax in one of their chill-out corners, have a cocktail and experience the vibe! res: 971338838
Bambuddha is like a ‘temple’ surrounded by hundreds of bamboo and oriental sanctuaries. It’s one of those places one has to experience. Magnificent atmosphere, cool crowd and great music.
Their culinary delights with Asian inspiration are very pleasing to the senses… expect exotic currys, their famous crispy duck and very good sushi, apart from some more Mediterranean dishes . To get the whole vibe pop into Siam Bar where you can enjoy one of their extravagant cocktails and then have a laugh in the erotic Khajuraho Lounge! res: 971197510
CICALE IBIZA  |  Price – Average
This is an Italian restaurant worth visiting, primarily because of the delicious food they serve, home-grown vegetables, home made fresh pasta…and secondly because of the situation, a two hundred year old finca in the middle of countryside. Don’t expect a huge menu, just a very fresh one with a slection of dishes made with season vegetables and fish and meat of the day. Roasted vegetables followed by their signature Bolognese with mascarpone…Lovely! res: 971325151
LAS DOS LUNAS IBIZA  |  Price - High 
A legendary Italian restaurant very frequently visited by celebrities. A very attractive setting surrounded by the typical Ibicencan stonewalls, bougainvilleas and palm trees. High quality cuisine including the most appetizing handmade pasta, homemade foccacia and delicious natural ice cream. Just beside Amnesia, quite convenient if you’re in a party mode! (Price - High) res: 971198102
CAP D'ES FALCO IBIZA  |  Price – Average/high 
A breathtaking location. See yourself watching the sunset lying on a rustic day bed drinking a mojito to the rhythm of silky grooves, can it be better?
Then following this unforgettable experience, try their home cooked Italian cuisine with a menu filled with fresh seafood and succulent home made desserts. You’ll definitely enjoy a sublime evening.  res: 971324082
EL AYOUN IBIZA  |  Price – High
This is one of the most exotic restaurants in Ibiza. If you’re looking for a glam-chic experience then add this one to your list.
In the menu you’ll find the chef’s interpretation of international cuisine, but what one should really go for is either the Moroccan Couscous or the huge roasted lamb shoulder. Another plus apart from the impeccable service worth mentioning is the array of entertaining performances that will definitely captivate you and make it a place to remember! res: 971198335
ES CALIU (since 1972)  |  Price – Average 
Highly recommended for meat lovers. A typical rural ibicencan restaurant situated in an old finca with a charming garden terrace where one can enjoy succulent grilled steak, lamb racks and the exceptional potato salad of the island. A very pleasant place to have dinner that offers good quality at a very reasonable price… The Spanish staff are very friendly which adds to the experience. res: 971325075
BAR COSTA IBIZA  |  Price – Low
Visit the beautiful town of Santa Gertrudis early evening and then sit on one of the wooden stools of Bar Costa to ask for a ‘bocadillo’ of their best ‘jamon iberico’ (cured ham) and a glass of wine. Pop inside before leaving, the walls are packed with paintings that have been donated or interchanged for food! There’s no mystery here, just a straight forward rustic Spanish delicacy in all its glory! Simple is good! res: N/A
VA BENE IBIZA  |  Price – Low
This is a good choice before or after shopping around Ibiza town. You’ll find all kinds of burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches freshly made at a 50’s diner looking eatery. It’s a place for a snack or to fill your belly with quality fast food; they use meat with high quality certification. A piece of advice is that the big eaters may want to order 2 burgers/sandwiches as they are quite small and another thing to keep in mind is that if you’re a lover of French fries, this is not your spot… they always go together, but not here! It’s a little more expensive than Mc Donald’s or Buger King, but infinitely more pleasing to your taste buds and digestive system.  res: N/A
CASA THAI IBIZA  |  Price – Low
If you’re near San Antonio and you fancy excellent Thai food, then choose Casa Thai… definitely a non-glamorous looking place but sometimes taste buds can do it all! Phad Thai and all kinds of currys… You’ll feel like you’re in a small restaurant in Thailand… neon lights and plastic chairs that read ‘Pepsi’ should be enough to explain that you shouldn’t dress up to eat here (unless you really want to!). But hey, the food is probably as good as it gets when talking Thai and the service is super fast! res: 971344048 (wont need reservation unless you’re a large group)
This café/restaurant has a prestigious location overlooking the yachts and the old town of D’alt Vila. In their large terrace you can enjoy big freshly made salads, fish, meat, burgers, pizzas and Asiatic dishes at any time of the day. Their selection is so broad that it’s almost like you can’t go wrong… Food is good, portions are usually huge and the pricing is reasonable. It’s a good place to go with kids as they have their own separate section of the menu. From breakfast to dinner… try it if you’re around this part of town. res: 971192243
One of the best spots of the island for sushi, and you’ll be at a 2min walk from Pacha, which makes it an ideal option for pre-club dining. Blue neon lights and slick décor will awaken your senses and get you ready for a Japanese meal that won’t disappoint you. If you sit at a low light table they will give you a blue laser pen to read the menu… very original (don’t flash it at the others eye). The menu is huge and the food looks identical to the many pictures included; they will get your mouth watering and are likely to spark the ‘I don’t know what I should get... I like it all’ commentary. (res: 971316797
SA PUNTA IBIZA  |  Price – High
Sa Punta is a restaurant owned by the Pacha franchise and is aimed at a high market clientele. If you’re in the mood for a gourmet dinner then you wont be disappointed by it’s varied and creative cuisine that mixes Spanish, Italian, Asiatic and French cuisine. The quality is excellent and you’re sure to find something on the menu to suit your tastes. After or before dinner you can go up to the terrace and enjoy a cocktail and appetizers at the Panorama Lounge (more details at our Night bars section). A place that will impress your partner! res: 971193424
LA PALOMA IBIZA |  Price – Average/High
La Paloma is a restaurant located in the small village of San Lorenzo... where peace and quiet takes over. The tables are set in their small but well kept garden… it’s a pleasure to dine outdoors in summer. What makes this restaurant a remarkable one is the freshness of the ingredients… organic vegetables are grown on their back yard and the bread and pastries are baked in their stone oven. Taste the complimentary olive pate with their home made bread whilst you sip on the fruity house wine, follow this with a goats cheese salad and a swordfish pasta dish, and to top it off a Mojito sorbet…. Sounds good! Expect a small menu with just the fresh suggestions of the day. Service can be a little slow, but don’t let that deter you from trying this restaurant… be patient, enjoy the surroundings and your company! Res: 971325543