The largest nightclub in the world! (certified by the guiness book of records) When the whole club is open, it is massive… sometimes too big! You’re better off checking out this club on a busy night such as Tiesto’s weekly party on the Mondays or Super Marxe on the Fridays. It has a huge stage with exotic dancers and usually very well produced entertainment, a pool inside the club (not for you to take a dip! But it looks cool) a huge open-air dome to regain your breath after all that dancing and a ‘smaller room’ with a different musical flavour to that of the Main room. You’ll be able to show off by saying you’ve “been at the world’s largest club” when you get back home, and if you’re a Tiesto fan who loves mad laser beams this is definitely the place to be.
Amnesia is proud to have been proclaimed the Best Global Club repeatedly during the last 3 years or so. Its one of the legendary clubs of Ibiza… It went from the original Hippy gatherings in the 70’s to having one the most advanced Light and Sound displays in the world. It made up by the Main Room and the Terrace (which is covered by a high ceiling but somewhat greener) and a VIP that overlooks both of the rooms. It’s the home of the famous FOAM party where you’ll be dancing absolutely covered by white foam that’s fired right at you with a massive foam machine whilst some cheesy music is playing… After a while you’ll be showered by some sort of irrigation system installed in the ceiling, which means you’ll be sort of ‘clean’ but soaking wet! A clever thing to do is to take a spare T-shirt or towel and leave it in the cloak room so you don’t catch a cold waiting for a cab ride. One of the main attractions has to be the Cocoon Club party made famous by Sven Vath and his minimal-techy German sound. The venue is likely to be packed these nights and also offers other worthwhile nights… it’s probably one of the most consistently entertaining clubs throughout the week and season.
If you’re in Ibiza for a real party experience your bound to end up at Space at some point. It’s for those that want to carry on from the night before, but you could also flip it around and have an early club ‘day’ and go clubbing after a good night’s sleep. Space is the musical home on the island for big names such as Carl Cox or Chris Liebing and their parties ‘The Revolution Continues’ and ‘CLR’ (respectively) are probably the clubs highlight this season, but keep an eye on the posters/promo as the club always offers great headlining acts on a regular basis; you can expect Fatboy Slim, Danny Tenaglia, Chemical Brothers, and the likes to be passing by this venue. It’s a large club with a massive terrace which you’re likely to be at quite a lot unless the sun’s out and you want to keep the illusion that the night is never ending…it can be done here! The sound and light are exceptional and the parties are usually epic… The openings and closings are a crowd favorite and can span over a couple days of continuous party madness… ‘Space-out’!
Pacha is Ibiza’s signature club… The two cherries have spread around the world and you are likely to know the franchise or will have seen the logo somewhere if you’re a club head! It’s probably the most consistent club in terms of entertainment, in the sense that you can pretty much go any night and you’re likely to have fun! 4 musical ambiences ensure that you’ll find something in there to suit your musical mood and the club always brings the biggest names in the Dj world to your ears… Catch David Guetta’s ‘F*** Me Im Famous’ party, or Luciano’s ‘Vagabundos’ and many surprise guest celebrities that usually pass by to show off their talent, such as Kelis, P.Diddy or Will.I.Am to name a few. If you’re in Ibiza and you have any intention of partying, then you’ll have to check out Pacha as it will be recommended by many and it truly does conserve the “Ibiza vibe” that it’s known for… it was one of the original clubs, if not the first to be opened in Ibiza and there’s no other venue in the world that compares to this legendary night club. It’s probably the club with more class on the island (together with Amnesia) where the VIP’s are always packed… but don’t get confused as there are no clothing restrictions (apart from ‘please no naked people’) and in fact, you’ll find a big mixture of types of people… older, younger, richer, poorer, tourists and locals… that’s probably the key to it’s success! Don’t forget to make it to Flower Power for a really fun 60’s, 70’s and 80’s revival… you can dress up with some ‘funky’ looking clothes and prepare for musical nostalgia…it’s guaranteed you’ll be dancing with a smile on your face!
This club has really stepped their game up lately by installing amazing sound and light systems and attracting BIG names to their line-ups… Pete Tonge will be hosting his ‘Wondrland’ party every Friday and bringing with him some celebrities… last year it was Lady Gaga, so this year expect some more of these appearances, and other top Dj’s to host their parties such as the legendary Judge Jules, who has had a very successful residency at the club and will be repeating this year every week at ‘Judgement Sundays’. Let’s face it… this club is in San Antonio, and the amount of tourists from the UK is outrageous, so although you will have fun if you like the DJ you might feel like your at some club in the UK at times, especially because the parties and music are oriented to attract the British audience…It’s is something that wont sound too appealing to some (not saying anything against the british here… just commenting the type of entertainment) but if you’re fine with it… then go ahead and boogie all night!
Es Paradis is probably the least charismatic of the major clubs in Ibiza… but it shouldn’t be forgotten as it does have its charm… the ‘indoor garden’ feel to the venue and the different levels and ‘luminous’ appearance are quite attractive. This year Guru Josh and his sax player will be there on a weekly basis to make sure you hear the smash hit ‘Eternity’ one more time (or a couple hundred more times!) which is likely to attract quite a crowd, and not only that… if you make it on a Friday to see the show, you’ll get out of there soaking wet!… It’s not a foam party, it’s a water party, which in this case means “80.000 litres of water, flooding the dance floor, turning it into an enormous pool in which you can dance, paddle and have fun with your friends till dawn”... Yes, It’s as crazy as you imagine! Especially because it’s likely to be filled with drunk Britons having the party of their life! (it’s an abundant species in San Antonio...) If that doesn’t sound appealing then you should probably head elsewhere, but if it does then you could have a good night out at a more competitive price (wouldn’t say cheap, but its a comparison to the other clubs). Dont expect big headlining acts here (except the mentioned above and a couple ‘one-offs’) If you’re in to your dance music, Eden (which is directly opposite) is likely to please your ears a bit more on most nights... but chances are you’ll end up visiting the club at some point if you stay in San Antonio.
This club has been on and off for a while... had a little trouble with permits and it is still unclear whether it will fully open its doors this year or not... however, they did celebrate an opening party last 31st of may. In any case, when they are open they are known for some of the most authentic underground parties... They were the guys to heavily promote the Minimal Techy sound in Ibiza and the club that supported the growth of Dj’s such as Luciano or Jamie Jones from an underground standards to a super star category. The most emblematic party is Circo Loco which will transport you to another dimension during the afternoon; Dance to melting groves whilst the crowd cheers for a plane passing right over the club at a very low altitude! (the airport grounds are just a couple hundred metres away from the venue) If you’re a fan of Minimal and it’s derivates... you will have to visit this club if it’s open and hang with the ‘cool’ people! Be warned that you’re likely to be sweaty within 2 minutes of entering the venue and you’ll be surrounded by quite a lot of quite visibly drugged out civilians (not the only place you’ll see that but the concentration levels are sometimes higher here)... if you’re in to that kind of gritty partying, this is your spot!
Finally ibiza can offer you quality live shows on a regular basis thanks to Ibiza Rocks... The brand owns a Hotel in San Antonio where everything revolves around music! There’s a fully equiped stage in the terrace where you’ll be able to catch bands and solo artists like Pete Doherty, The Kooks, LCD soundsystem, Calvin Harris, Dizee Rascal and many more, in a festival-like atmosphere. It’s where Rock and electronic meet and where the bands live show is more important than the solo Dj gig. Staying at the hotel is likely to be quite a mad experience... only for those looking for 24/7 party...If you’re a little more relaxed as a person you might want to stay elsewhere but check out the gigs... you’re likely to see posters everywhere advertising the next big show, so keep an eye and get some relatively cheap tickets!
This venue is a bit of a hybrid… Half chill out bar, half club…It has an indoor club area which is not very big but is quite pretty as you can see the garden that surrounds it. There’s quite a good sound system installed and there’s always a couple nights of the week that it’ll be packed. Some people regard it as a pre-club venue, but you could stay there all night and dance/drink/chill as much as you would in one of the bigger clubs. The outdoor area is a nice garden with a couple bars and plenty of seating… It’s usually a good place to visit if you want a more relaxed evening but still shake your ass a bit. You wont find any superstar Dj’s here (with a couple exceptions) but the venue is known for offering good music by attracting the ‘cool’ local Dj’, that usually provide a more deep/tribal house sound… although you’ll be almost sure to hear some ‘disco house’ (the new hype) as well.
This is a new addition to the club list in Ibiza. It’s a small club and it’s part of a hotel complex in Playa den Bossa. The pro’s of this venue are that it’s near by Ibiza town, it’s cheap and it looks bran new and clean… the cons are that it’s not the most interesting option out there and it’s quite impersonal, in the sense that you could be in a club anywhere else in the world really…. although they did make an effort and installed fluorescent lights all over. Musically you won’t find anything too interesting here… which doesn’t mean it’s going to be bad, but chances are there will be a local Dj on the decks playing straight forward House music. If you’re gay then you might want to check it out on the Tuesdays as it holds the Scandal party “Ibizas Polisexual Experience”…no comment!